A question of colour

Not so very long ago, painted kitchen furniture was virtually unheard of. Today you only have to flick through your favourite interior magazine to understand just how popular hand-painted finishes have become.

Whilst we love seeing “naked” timber, today’s paints provide a beautiful, durable finish that stands up to the rigours of modern living. 

If we have to choose, as we are often asked to by our customers, then you can’t go wrong with Little Greene Paint Company - they started in business way back in 1773 on the outskirts of Manchester, using river water flowing from the Pennines to power the grinding stones. Today their paints are still based on naturally occurring compounds using centuries old pigments.

Their authentic paint colours acknowledge all key periods of interior design from early Georgian to the late twentieth century, giving you vast choice… perhaps too much on occasion!

Greys of every shade are hugely popular for kitchen furniture at the moment, especially for classic modern styles like our Sherrington range. 

More muted shades of blue and sage green on furniture, complimented by neutral off-whites, creams and pale greys on walls, suit modern day living whilst also looking traditional - as shown in our Pepperstock range.

With superb depth of colour, high coverage and long life, Little Greene tick all of the boxes. And when it comes to application they have various water based finishes available, all eco-friendly, low odour and child safe.

Finally, painted finishes are unbelievably popular right but will that always be the case? For those interested in future trends we’ve already started to see requests for kitchens that incorporate natural wood finishes as a contrast to painted furniture….