The Perfect Handles

For me, the real joy of kitchen handles is how they look & feel when you use them - we can provide plenty of advice as to what will work & look best.

Our favourite manufacturer is Armac Martin in Birmingham. They have been going since 1929 and still make all of their handles, knobs and fittings at their foundry in Duddeston, and in our opinion are in a class of their own. 

Whilst the quality is outstanding, many of our customers also enjoy actively choosing handles still made in this country, rather than mass-produced foreign alternatives. 

Their high-quality, hand finished solid, brass bar, knob and cup handles are available in a wide range of traditional and modern styles, with enough to fulfil the “traditional yet contemporary” brief in-between.

Finishes include polished nickel, satin nickel, satin chrome, polished brass and pewter - so you can achieve the right level of contrast with your paint or timber finish.

And if you are looking something a bit special we can arrange for bespoke items to be individually manufactured to your precise specification and finish.

Finally we’ll ensure that the hinges and other fittings work with your choices - creating a completely seamless look.